I ❤️IA

I ❤️ teaching Inner Axis. After covering Rebecca Richmond’s class last night, I smiled all the way home -buzzing off the group energy. What a joyous job it is; to teach.
This afternoon is my last IA class at Tri before I go to the Netherlands to assist on Max Strom’s teacher training.
Can’t wait to meet the fledgling yoga teachers, about to step onto this life changing path.
Josie and Ivana will be covering my classes at Tri whilst I’m away (Buzzing off my student’s energy)
And I will be back to teach next Saturday 31st 6.15pm
Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz ?

Remember, remember the 5th of November…..Boom

  1.  It’s exactly 1 year since I started teaching at the EXPLOSION of community spirit which is; Fresh Ground Studio, in Clapham Junction. To celebrate I’m launching a firecracker of a discount deal: The 5 Class Pass.
    Whoop! Yoga AND Bargains AND Fireworks. This is surely the best day ever!
    Email me for details or buy direct on the door. Fresh Ground Classes are on Tuesdays at 9.15am-10.30 & Saturday 11.30-12.45
    Happy Bonfire Night yogafolk. Continue reading “Remember, remember the 5th of November…..Boom”

Seasons change

October is blowing all the cobwebs away today ! I love the Autumn. The colours are changing, the air feels different… the swan babies have grown up ( see evidence below) Today, I am embracing “change”. The change in my body as I get older, the changes in my life as people and places move in and out of it, and the changes I observe on the mat- shifting within me as I practice and breathe. All hail change.

Some changes to the schedule too! : Next week 09/10/17

Fresh Ground



Sat: 11.30 -12.45 (same old same old)



(And whilst we are about it…..)

Triyoga Camden 

Mon 8pm-9pm

Tues 6.15pm-730pm
Weds 4.45pm-6pm
Sat 7.30pm-8.30pm

Sat 12th aug

heads up: this Saturday 12th at Fresh Ground is cancelled because I’m doing workshop with the wonderful Annie Carpenter. If you need your Fresh ground fix, come tomorrow 10-11am. Spread your toes and open your heart and sharpen up your focus.

Saturday 29th

This Saturday the wonderful Rebecca Richmond will be covering my 19.30 class at Triyoga Camden. ( I’m going to see some noisy Jazz!)

Fresh Ground class in the morning, as usual (with laura) : 11.30-12.45. Come “Awake the real band”

Curfews : by Hafiz the great Sufi master


is a cruel ruler

who is always imposing



stillness and quiet

break open the vintage


Awake the real