Retreat 2019 Legerwood, Scottish Borders

Michelle H.

What an absolutely gorgeous weekend. Superbly done. Loved the meditation walk with fireside surprise. The food was fantastic and it was great to have an intimate group so you could get to know everyone. I had such a nourishing restorative time.

Tilly A.W

I loved everything. The Yoga lessons were fantastic and I feel more confident and excited about the new skills I’ve learnt. I honestly don’t think it could have gone any better. It’s been a heavenly weekend and I’m sad to leave.

Poppy A.W

Generally very relaxed atmosphere: gentle and caring leadership from the best hostess! Laura you are amazing and very good at catering for the whole group as diverse as it is. You made us feel safe and at home straight away. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Likes: meditation walks and treats, 5 senses Yoga, glorious food, silent mornings/meditation, learning about OM, laughter yoga. Dislikes: That we all had to leave!!

Maclain S.

All in all a thousand thanks really for making me appreciate what one has and what my body can still do

Carol P.

The Yoga was amazing and you put so much effort into making the sessions varied and interesting. I loved your clear and careful instruction. I was always able to hear what you said and you were so inclusive. The programme was well balanced with rest periods. The accommodation and food were amazing. I liked everyone on retreat and although I could have felt like an “outsider” joining so many old friends and family, it was quite the opposite. I felt included into a warm close group.

Jo S.

I loved the welcome. I loved every Yoga session and the 5 senses Yoga was a revelation. The morning meditation was a blessing. Your empathy in line with the practice is a gift which you share in abundance. Thank you. I loved the meals and the comradery. Legerwood is a harmonious place.

Ann W.

From the first warm welcome, the whole retreat has been an immense pleasure. You explained the postures so well so I got the maximum benefit. Food could not have been better. The people were amazingly friendly, interesting and delightful company

Retreat 2018 Legerwood, Scottish Borders

Annie W

The size of the group was ideal for you to give us all the time and space we needed as individuals to flourish and get the full  benefit of the experience. I felt I was actively calming my mind and healing my body, especially after a very stressful year. I felt better and happier. The venue is first class and has been built and furnished with such attention to detail. Bedrooms are spacious and the beds are comfortable. Thanks go to Zoot for his nourishing and delicious meals. The company must have been hand picked! I loved all of them. Four days is just right for a dozen people to bond. Thank you Laura for giving me and Lizzie such a wonderful and well timed retreat. 

Retreat 2018 Chateau De LaValouze, Bordeaux

Susan S.

The retreat in France was my first taste of Yoga, so I was a little apprehensive. I need not have worried! Laura was friendly and approachable whilst being clear and she paid attention to everyone to ensure that the moves were accurate at whatever level. The class was mixed with male/female, beginners/experienced, young/older and there were even 2 pregnant ladies who had special attention to the delight of us all! The retreat was both relaxing and exhilarating – I’m still smiling! 

Margaret F. (my Mum!)

I loved every minute of the retreat and had no issues at all.

Jeany S.

Thank you for what was a really wonderful, enjoyable, and vivid yoga retreat weekend! I had never been on a yoga retreat and had always found the concept of them quite scary/when friends had described them to me they always sounded quite aescetic and harsh and a bit full on. What a total delight then yours was. Your teaching was so kind and inclusive – the classes were wonderful. I felt challenged – in a good way – at points but always felt that there was scope and room to rest if need be. The meditation walk was a real highlight for me. I loved how much free time there was to rest/sleep/eat/meditate and just “be” in between classes. The food was AMAZING. Huge props to you and chef Zoot.


TriYoga Inner Axis  Class Feedback

I loved Inner Axis Yoga! I left feeling like I’d had a warm hug. I thought the instructor had an amazing energy