I teach public classes at Fresh Ground Studios Clapham, Long Ditton Hall and Triyoga. I also specialise in taking yoga “out of the studio”; teaching group classes in the corporate and public sector. From estate agents to A&E nurses; the benefit to the individual practitioner and the business or institution as a whole, is significant (and sometimes life changing).
Investing in employee’s wellbeing is now being recognised as a way to address staff retention, reduce absence and sickness ( bad backs and stress are no1 culprit) and to encourage a happy, healthy team working to their optimum.
I also teach private lessons around London. Having 1-1 classes completely transformed my own practice and now they are my favourite way to teach. All you need is a space to throw down a mat and an hour in your day where u can turn off your laptop and phone.. leave the rest to me.

Please email me if you want info on any of the above and feel free to drop in to a public class.

At present the usual schedule is on hold. Please join me online until studio classes begin again. 

Regular Online Classes



Rise up


Props needed: yoga mat or space to practice, yoga strap or belt of some description. Optional props – blocks and a blanket. A zoom link will be emailed to you


Triyoga online live stream


NHS & hospice workers only

Provided FREE!



 Full Practice. Inner axis Hatha

6pm – 7.15pm


Props needed: a yoga mat or space to practice, strap or belt. Optional props – blocks and blanket. A zoom link will be emailed to you

Please check Triyoga website for additional weekly classes and changes in schedule :