Drop Anchor!

Are we nearly there yet?

This was my childhood mantra on long August car trips to the campsite. And this summer has had a chorus of that singsong phrase on repeat, echoing around my head.

When will the dull/sometimes piercing fear of human contact be gone? When will things feel somewhat “normal” again. Will that happen? And will the old “normal” be good enough? Are we nearly there yet?

I’m not sure about you, but these waters feel very unchartered to me. This opens up new possibility as well as new fears.  My teacher Max says “Crisis is the Axis of transformation”. I have felt that truth in my own life, and see it time and again in my students and friends. But this time it’s global, it’s lifechanging on a massive scale. What will we transform into?!

Change and reflection is a wonderful thing, but uncertainty can bring anxiety and stress for many of us.

So many pals that I’ve been speaking to have been describing an overwhelming feeling of fatigue. The desire to hibernate till it all blows over. I think we have to acknowledge this is real and normal. And then find ways to anchor ourselves.

Taking out unnecessary uncertainties (just for now) can be helpful. Even small things – changing from “I’ll get up depending on what time I go to bed” to ” I get up at 7.30″ can be a tiny anchor of certainty. Swopping “I’ll try and call my Mum when I have time later this week” to “I call my Mum on Thursdays before supper”. Or even ” I try and do the washing up (when I can face it)  after each meal” To “I do the washing up in the morning because I’m most energised then, and the sun shines through the kitchen window, and no-ones gonna die if there are dirty pots in the sink overnight”. Catch my drift.

Of course Yoga has been an anchor for many of us too.  Sometimes the exploration of Yoga keeps me alive and sometimes I need the anchor of repetition. My good friend Lucy who has always been a Hatha/Vinyasa Yogi has suddenly found the repetitive rhythm of Ashtanga is exactly what she is missing in life right now. I encourage you all to explore the variety of Yoga out there. What we need in our 20’s is different to our 40s. What we need in a pandemic is different again. Stay open. Stay well. And steer your own course through these choppy waters. Who knows where we are heading, but we can drop anchor along the way as often as we need.

Online classes with me

Monday : 4-5pm Chair Yoga. A full yoga experience without the need to get down on the floor! Open to all.

Tuesday : 7.50-8.30am Rise Up. Start your day with this 40 min all round practice. Each fortnight we will be focusing on a different theme. So expect a changing flavour, but all the usual ingredients. 

Thursday: 6-7.15pm Full Inner Axis inspired class, continuing the flavour of the fortnight.

I am also teaching privates 1-1 and teaching “Yoga for Cancer” for Triyoga. See schedule for dates.


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