New Year, New Yoga

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m not at a fabulous party, I’m not at a secret rave and I’m not on a spiritual retreat somewhere in nature….I’m in my dressing gown with a fruit smoothy in a cocktail glass, watching the fireworks out of our window, and joyously plotting my classes for next year.

Teaching Yoga, like everything in life, comes in ebbs and flows. The Yoga is always a pure constant but some days tuning into the frequency and transmitting it to others is  … harder and other times its easy to just let it flow. I’m feeling really excited about the New Year. I feel in my bones that we are turning a corner with the nature of this hellish virus. (I hope I am right). And I am feeling in full flow with my New Year class plans for you. Prepare for transmission!In 2022 the online classes will continue, Starting on the 4th of January with Tuesday Early risers and Thursday Full practice will continue on the 6th. This term will be 8 weeks and you can either book the whole course or drop in classes using this link :


Each class will be a rounded stand alone practice but this term we will be focusing in on back bending! Whether you are someone with a big spinal flexibility or some one who feels stiff as a board – there will be lots for you in this term’s sequencing, as we prepare the parts of the body that need opening up and we work to strengthen the parts of the body that need to stabilise our back bending practice. Traditionally backbends are thought of as energising and joyful postures so lets bring some bendy joy to January.

In addition to our usual practices, I am adding a monthly 30 min philosophy class on the last Sunday of the month. If you would like to join me you can book using this same button : BookWhen. I will talk a little about some of the elements of Yoga beyond asana (postural) and pranayam (breathwork), we will chat and I will set an assignment or writing practice for you to do in your own time.
As always if you would like to have a 1-1 practice with me or if you need a late Christmas present for a loved one – email me for a 1-1 yoga gift voucher.

Yoga – Winter Term Courses

I’m really looking forward to getting grounded and settled as I move into the cold season.
After living on land with my wonderful partner for the last 18 months; She’s going on a little wanderlust, and I’m heading back to the River for a Winter on my beloved boat. I’m looking forward to firewood and misty breath on cold mornings, practicing Yoga in 3 pairs of stretchy pants and a jumper etc etc. I genuinely love the slowing down and quieting and cozy of Wintertime.
This season I’m also looking forward to sharing a more steady rhythm in class too. We’ll be taking the term of 10 weeks to get really familiar with specific groups of Asana sequences and dive deep into some of the warming Pranayama practices. If you would like to join me online, please use the booking schedule below. You can sign up for the term or just drop in. Yoga from the comfort of your own home/boat/van/palace.

July 22-25th Summer Retreat



Join me at The Asha Centre in the beautiful Forest of Dean for our Summer Yoga Retreat.

£550 single    £480 shared room

Price inclusive of:

3 nights accommodation

6 Yoga practices in glass fronted studio over looking the forest

Optional workshops and meditations

Nutritious, healthy home cooked meals

Tea and Coffee, fresh spring water

Full access to Asha’s grounds, orchards and gardens plus library, fireroom and dining room.

As the current situation is still unclear as to Covid restrictions, numbers will be strictly limited to ensure safety. For more info on how Asha staff are keeping us as safe as possible, and for any other info on this retreat please email 

A deposit of £200 secures your place and in the event of the retreat being cancelled due to government guidelines – a full refund will be made.

flyer for retreat july 2021


Something Remarkable


The buds are popping out and the sun in the morning makes early Yoga practice so much easier to get out of bed for.

As the country begins to blink it’s eyes open again I am hopeful as I look to the future and the adventures ahead.

This year I will be teaching Yoga on several meditation retreats with the most fantastic team at Remarkable Retreats. I can honestly say they are a life changing experience, having participated as a student myself twice!

If you are interested in Meditation and Self enquiry, if you have a difficult journey ahead or feel like you have lost the map…or missed the junction: This may be the kind of retreat you were waiting for.

The venue is stunning, the food nuturing and the facilitators are second to none.  It’s a kind, human, heart opening space but it’s by no-means a walk in the park, expect to dig deep, commit to full days and leave feeling re-energized, hopeful, connected and understood.

The first live retreat of the year is for beginners: 20th-23rd May 2021

Check out for details



Two special invitations

The first to our astoundingly courageous, dedicated frontline NHS and Hospice staff:

Some of the teachers at Triyoga are offering FREE classes to anyone working for the NHS or Hospice. That means the Nurses, the HCAs, the physios, the cleaning staff, the receptionists. All of you wonderful folk who are keeping things running to care for our sick. You have our eternal gratitude and we hope these classes offer you a break and a little time to recharge.

I will be teaching on Weds mornings 8am -a 1/2 hr Inner Axis class.   All welcome just have your NHS badge or hospice badge to show at the start of class.

Click this link to book this, or any of the other NHS classes at Triyoga.



With hope in my heart, I announce my long awaited Spring Retreat!!!

I invite you to join me at the glorious Asha centre, nestled deep in the Forest of Dean, for 4 blissful days to recharge and unfurl into the Spring.
Over this long weekend, you can expect:

6 nurturing yoga lessons with stunning views across the forest,

3 nights accommodation,

Optional workshops and meditations,

A feast of delicious home cooked (often home grown) food,

Woodland walks, comfy sofas, and big starry nights around the fire.

April 9-11th 2021

SINGLE: £550

SHARED: £480

Presently numbers are strictly capped at 14 so we can socially distance if we need to and all rooms will be single occupancy unless you are sharing with a bubble. We have a full refund policy if Covid prevents this retreat going ahead.

For more info go to the Retreats section or email me at

Drop Anchor!

Are we nearly there yet?

This was my childhood mantra on long August car trips to the campsite. And this summer has had a chorus of that singsong phrase on repeat, echoing around my head.

When will the dull/sometimes piercing fear of human contact be gone? When will things feel somewhat “normal” again. Will that happen? And will the old “normal” be good enough? Are we nearly there yet?

I’m not sure about you, but these waters feel very unchartered to me. This opens up new possibility as well as new fears.  My teacher Max says “Crisis is the Axis of transformation”. I have felt that truth in my own life, and see it time and again in my students and friends. But this time it’s global, it’s lifechanging on a massive scale. What will we transform into?!

Change and reflection is a wonderful thing, but uncertainty can bring anxiety and stress for many of us.

So many pals that I’ve been speaking to have been describing an overwhelming feeling of fatigue. The desire to hibernate till it all blows over. I think we have to acknowledge this is real and normal. And then find ways to anchor ourselves.

Taking out unnecessary uncertainties (just for now) can be helpful. Even small things – changing from “I’ll get up depending on what time I go to bed” to ” I get up at 7.30″ can be a tiny anchor of certainty. Swopping “I’ll try and call my Mum when I have time later this week” to “I call my Mum on Thursdays before supper”. Or even ” I try and do the washing up (when I can face it)  after each meal” To “I do the washing up in the morning because I’m most energised then, and the sun shines through the kitchen window, and no-ones gonna die if there are dirty pots in the sink overnight”. Catch my drift.

Of course Yoga has been an anchor for many of us too.  Sometimes the exploration of Yoga keeps me alive and sometimes I need the anchor of repetition. My good friend Lucy who has always been a Hatha/Vinyasa Yogi has suddenly found the repetitive rhythm of Ashtanga is exactly what she is missing in life right now. I encourage you all to explore the variety of Yoga out there. What we need in our 20’s is different to our 40s. What we need in a pandemic is different again. Stay open. Stay well. And steer your own course through these choppy waters. Who knows where we are heading, but we can drop anchor along the way as often as we need.

Online classes with me

Monday : 4-5pm Chair Yoga. A full yoga experience without the need to get down on the floor! Open to all.

Tuesday : 7.50-8.30am Rise Up. Start your day with this 40 min all round practice. Each fortnight we will be focusing on a different theme. So expect a changing flavour, but all the usual ingredients. 

Thursday: 6-7.15pm Full Inner Axis inspired class, continuing the flavour of the fortnight.

I am also teaching privates 1-1 and teaching “Yoga for Cancer” for Triyoga. See schedule for dates.


Mid Week Chill – June 17th 2020

Back by popular demand!! What started as a one-off is back again thanks to the great feedback and requests for more!

Join us for a beautiful 𝗠𝗶𝗱 𝗪𝗲𝗲𝗸 𝗖𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗹 that will help you feel relaxed and wonderful for the rest of the week. 𝗠𝗶𝗱 𝗪𝗲𝗲𝗸 𝗖𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗹 is a collaboration with myself and Dj Caz Coronel  and will take place on Zoom🧘🏻‍♀️

Starting with a little free dancing to limber you up, go wild,  have a gentle bop, or listen and relax with a cup of tea! Your camera can be on or off for this, whatever feels best for you to feel chilled, (though we super love to see you!) This followed by some glorious yoga to get you stretched and feeling amazing (we would prefer your camera on for this as I can help with any movements but again no pressure at all). Ending with a guided savasana relaxation and some meditative listening that will put you in the perfect state for deep healing sleep. ⁣ No yoga experience needed!   

Happening Wednesday the 17th of June from 𝟴𝗽𝗺 𝘁𝗼 𝟵.𝟯𝟬 𝗽𝗺 𝗕𝗦𝗧

All this for the ridiculously cheap price of just £𝟱!⁣

A pair of good quality headphones is recommended but not at all essential.⁣ ⁣

Email: to RSVP ⁣


Yoga Online – it’s time!




Here’s this week’s online class details. If you would like to book in -simply download Zoom and email me to register at:

Yoga Basics Monday 4pm- 5pm

Meeting ID: 396 910 668

Pregnancy Yoga Thursdays 4.15pm – 5.30pm

Meeting ID: 522 906 003

Inner Axis Pure  Thursday 6pm – 7.20pm

Meeting ID: 715 887 267


Inner Axis Plus Saturday 11am – 12.20pm

Meeting ID: 499 949 557

Spring has Sprung

In these turbulent times, a little sunshine and blossom make all the difference to my mood as I’m peeling myself out of my warm bed to make the dash across the cold marina to my studio space for morning practice. 
Spring is coming and everything feels a bit easier.
Spring, of course, brings new life and what better way to celebrate the green buds peeking through, than to announce a new Pregnancy Yoga class in Long Ditton! I absolutely love teaching prenatal yoga. As a pregnant women, you are the embodiment of unconditional love- you have no choice but to give your child everything it needs. It’s a uniquely special time and often the connection to true self that we strive towards in a yoga practice, is so palpable in a pregnancy class. There is a raw energy unlike any other, when women come together in this primal state.

I look forward to teaching my new class beginning on Saturday 21st March at 1.30-3pm. Places are limited so please email to book your spot.

I’ve taught many wonderful women during their pregnancy. Here are a few nice words from some of them:

“I took part in one of Laura’s yoga retreats when I was 26 weeks pregnant. Up until this point I hadn’t done any exercise at all during my pregnancy. Laura helped me to understand how to safely practice yoga whilst pregnant. I would highly recommend attending one of Laura’s classes at any point in your pregnancy – her gentle, warm and funny approach are an added bonus to her excellent teaching. I continued yoga right to the end of my pregnancy and really felt the benefits of continuing to move, stretch and breathe.” Sian